50°58'56"N x 5°22'17"E

Sunville is a research on the objecthood of photography that ranges from old photographic techniques and expired film to digital 3D technology Sunville is a research on the objecthood of photography that ranges from old photographic techniques and expired film to digital 3D technology Sunville is a research on the objecthood of photography that ranges from old photographic techniques and expired film to digital 3D technology Sunville is a research on the objecthood of photography that ranges from old photographic techniques and expired film to digital 3D technology Prada Foundation Ives Maes Sanguine Luc Tuymans

3D print in titanium 


10 cm diameter




50°56'46.3"N x 5°26'32.8"E is a photograph that has been converted from 2D to 3D. It is a 360° x 180° panoramic photograph of a landscape that has been translated into depth. In principle, it is a 3D scan of the surrounding landscape that has been 3D printed in titanium by Melotte Digital Manufacturing, Zonhoven, Belgium.


Ives Maes’ reflection on the relationship between photography and sculpture sets out from Nicéphore Niépce’s Point de vue du Gras (1826), almost unanimously considered the world’s first example of photography. What fascinates Maes about this photographic incunabulum is its material thickness: the support was a pewter plate coated with bitumen of Judea; the exposure process consisted of slowly inscribing the image by combustion, which gave it a physical depth, however infinitesimal. To Maes, it is the most eloquent manifestation of the fact that analog photography is an imprint, a trace that light carves into a physical substance. These sculptures, whose titles are the geographic coordinates of the places they show (all in the artists hometown) carry this line of thought to an extreme conclusion. The artist took three panoramic photos, 360° x 180° views obtained by putting together multiple shots. Then, using a 3D printer, he translated the photos into actual spheres, in which the shapes (trees, grass, etc.) are actually carved into the surface, varying in depth according to their brightness in the original image. The conversion was carried out using software, without the artist’s direct intervention, just as in analog photography (in an even more autonomous way, since the technique is more basic), it is the image that takes shape by itself on the negative. 

Excerpt from the text 'The Camera’s Blind Spot: On the Materiality of Photography' by Simone Menegoi, 2016



SUNVILLE is the English translation of the name of Ives Maes’ native village Zonhoven in Belgium. The photographic series is a personal quest into his memories around specific locations in his hometown. On another level this series is a part of his PhD in the arts research at KASK School of Arts / UGent concerning the physical, sculptural and architectural aspects of photography.


Unie Hasselt Genk & The Rockshow

Emile Van Doren Museum, Genk, Belgium

21/06/2014 – 05/10/2014

Curated by Tom van Gestel & Erik Odijk

Melanie Bonajo, Vaast Colson, Franziz Denyz, Jimmie Durham, Zoro Feigl, Jean Bernard Koeman, Krijn de Koning, Rudy J. Luijters, Ives Maes, Maurer United Architects, Lara de Moor, Nils Norman, Erik Odijk, Ania Rachmat, François Roffiaen, Tomas Saraceno, PINK de Thierry, Leonid Tsvetkov, Rinus Van De Velde, Felice Varini, Erlend Williamson, Tom Wolseley


Image Talks

CIAP & Old Jail, Hasselt, Belgium

07/05/2015 - 31/05/2015

Curated by Frame Research Group, MAD Faculty

Txaro Arrazola, Reg Carremans, Christoph De Boeck, Francis Denys, Jolien Dirix , Emilia Grzeczka, Peter Hulsmans, Jon + Ibe, Maria Kley, Nemanja Ladjic, Thierry Lagrange, Ives Maes, Hilde Stevens, Jonas Vansteenkiste + Veerle Michiels, Yves Velter, Evelin Brosi



Panache Towers, Antwerp, Belgium

23/04/2015 – 19/06/2015

Curated by Kathleen Weyts

Katrin Kamrau, Ives Maes, Adriaan Verwée


Ab Hier Ist Schluss Mit Lustig

Villa Van Wassenhove, Museum Dhondt-Dhaenens, Deurle, Belgium

18/10/2015 – 20/12/2015

Residency Project & Solo Exhibition


The Camera’s Blind Spot III: La Camera- On the Materiality of Photography

Palazzo De’ Toschi, Bologna, Italy

29/01/2016 — 28/02/2016

Curated by Simone Menegoi

Dove Allouche, Paul Caffell, Elia Cantori, Attila Csörgő, Linda Fregni Nagler, Paolo Gioli, Franco Guerzoni, Raphael Hefti, Marie Lund, Ives Maes, Justin Matherly, Lisa Oppenheim, Johan Österholm, Anna Lena Radlmeier, Evariste Richer, Fabio Sandri, Simon Starling, Luca Trevisani, Carlos Vela-Prado

Installation view by Dario Lasagni


Heath (Calluna Vulgaris)

Parapet / Real Humans, Saint-Louis, USA

02/06/16 - 20/06/16

Solo exhibition



Johannesburg University Art Gallery, Johannesburg, South Africa

15/08/18 - 19/09/18

Curated by Usha Seejarim and Daniella Géo

Mehraneh Atashi, Marie Ange Bordas, Joël Mpah Dooh, Taiye Idahor, David Koloane, Vibha Galhotra, Diana Hyslop, Sam Nhlengethwa, Mario Macilau, Ives Maes, Kagiso Pat Mautloa, Blessing Ngobeni, Celina Portella, Usha Seejarim, Lady Skolle, Veronique Tadjo, Myer Taub, Pat Ward Williams, Alberta Whittle


Sanguine. Luc Tuymans on Baroque.

Prada Foundation, Milan, Italy

18/10/18 - 25/02/19

Curated by Luc Tuymans

Nick Andrews, John Armleder, Carla Arocha & Stéphane Schraenen, Fred Bervoets, Jacques-André Boiffard, Michaël Borremans, Adriaen Brouwer, Pavel Büchler, Guido Cagnacci, Caravaggio, Jake and Dinos Chapman, Vaast Colson, Njideka Akunyili Crosby, Roberto Cuoghi, Berlinde De Bruyckere, Thierry De Cordier, Willem de Rooij, Cornelis de Vos, Francisco de Zurbarán, Lili Dujourie, Marlene Dumas, Zhang Enli, Luciano Fabro, Giuseppe Gabellone, Marcel Gautherot, Isa Genzken, Joris Ghekiere, David Gheron Tretiakoff, Franciscus Gijsbrechts, Pierre Huyghe, Jonathan Johnson, Jacob Jordaens, On Kawara, Zlatko Kopljar, Dominik Lejman, Ives Maes, Mark Manders, Diego Marcon, Kerry James Marshall, Takashi Murakami, the Master of the annunciation to the shepherds, Bruce Nauman, Nadia Naveau, Cheikh Ndiaye, Johann Georg Pinsel, Vanja Radauš, Tobias Rehberger, Peter Paul Rubens, Alex Salinas, Yutaka Sone, Henri Storck, Pascale Marthine Tayou, Javier Téllez, Paul Thek, Piotr Tolmachov, Luc Tuymans, Dennis Tyfus, Andrea Vaccaro, Antoon van Dyck, Jan Van Imschoot, Jan Vercruysse, Michaelina Wautier, Jack Whitten.